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Performance Consulting & Training

Transforming Individuals.

Transforming Organizations.

Courses that build on and enhance Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Performance.

Creating High Performance Teams: Establishing new awareness skills on reflection, revision, recommitment, and practice.

Focusing on Values: Clarifying one's values = effective decision making. 

Creativity and Performance: Learning to focus on space and create environments that let innovation flourish.

Forging (not forcing) Unity: Learning how to extend trust in others even if they haven't already extended it to you.

The intelligent use of one's emotions: Strategies on how to motivate oneself and persist through challenges; Learn to regulate one's mood and temper; the ability to recognize emotions in others (people skills).

Developing communication skills: Selecting words that have power to shape thoughts and actions. 

"What you focus on is what your going to move towards." 

Ralph Marston.


Communciations skills

This service focuses on the following:

1. Strategies on sensing and being mindful to others' feelings, outlooks, and developing a genuine concern for them.

2. Learning the art of selling: to gain buy-in for your ideas and opinions.

3. The art of Influence: foster change in your organization and instill a deeper purpose and drive in others.  Learn more...

Management skills

This services focus on the following:

1. Having clear values and goals, and wording them in a way to keep sustainability of employees.

2. Reinforcing organizational values by quality meetings. This involves asking right questions, feedback, and support.

3. Forging unity instead of forcing it through openness and transparency. Learn more...


People skills

This service focus on the following:

1. Empathy, which is vital to the influence of others.

2. Influence which is the ability to have a positive impact on others and to persuade or gain support from.

3. Language, tone of voice, body movements, gestures which have a tremendous impact on our ability to influence others. Learn more...

Self-control Training

This service focuses on the following:

1. Self-awareness, which is the ability to recognize one's feelings, how it impacts you, and most importantly, others around you.

2. Meditating and being mindful to our Emotions as they occur and impact us to behave and think.

3. Practicing the skill of optimism and realism which develops more resilience, stay socially connected, and more likely to function at optimal levels. Learn more...

What you'll learn.

(or reinforce knowing*)

  • Learning how to manage yourself and make decisions effectively.

  • Learning how to control your impulses and focus on long-term goals.

  • Learning how to regulate and control moods like anger, frustration, and stress that overwhelm/distract your ability to think and perform effectively. 

  • Learning the skill of empathy, which is vital to building trust with others and influencing your voice.

  • Learning how to organize and structure your thoughts through journaling, planning, and execution.

  • Values: Finding one’s voice = Improve decision making.

  • Goals & Systems: Learning how to build new behaviours, rituals, and habits through goal setting.

  • Self-awareness: Strategies developing the skill to recognize one’s feelings and how it impacts their behaviour and interactions with others.

  • Stress: Strategies on how to deal with stress and persist through setbacks and frustrations.

  • Focus: Approaches to how to control your impulse, delay short term gains to focus on long-term goals.


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