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Business Performance

Transforming Individuals.

Transforming Organizations.

Programs that build on and enhance Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Performance.

Creating High Performance Teams: Establishing new awareness skills on reflection, revision, recommitment, and practice.

Focusing on Values: Clarifying one's values = effective decision making. 

Creativity and Performance: Learning to focus on space and create environments that let innovation flourish.

Heart & Hands

Forging (not forcing) Unity: Learning how to extend trust in others even if they haven't already extended it to you.

Environment: Learn how to organize your workspace and prioritize your tasks to alleviate stress and perform effectively.


The intelligent use of one's emotions: Strategies on how to motivate oneself and persist through challenges; Learn to regulate one's mood and temper; the ability to recognize emotions in others (people skills).


Journaling and Smartphone Note-Taking : An effective way of organizing ones thoughts and reinforcing them on a daily basis.

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Developing communication skills: Selecting words that have power to shape thoughts and actions. 

Organizational Climate: Learning how to create a culture that focuses on reinforcing values and renewing commitment.

Some of the skills

to reinforce and Develop:

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Management skills

This services focus on the following:

  • Having clear values and goals, and wording them in a way to keep sustainability of employees.

  • The importance of strategizing and structuring meetings: to reinforce culture and reinvigorate performance. 

  • Strategies on giving effective feedback: Regulary check-ins, specific rather than general, timely rather than delayed, and focus on behaviour not on the individual.


Communciations skills

This service focuses on the following:

  • Strategies on reframing certain questions and language that reframe's an individual's response, behaviour, or way of thinking.

  • Learning the art of selling: to gain buy-in for your ideas and opinions.


Emotional Intelligence

This service focuses on the following:

  • Self-awareness, which is the ability to recognize one's feelings, how it impacts you, and most importantly, others around you.

  • Practicing the skill of optimism and realism which develops more resilience, stay socially connected, and more likely to function at optimal levels. 

  • Learning about the Growth Mindset: Looks at challenges as learning experiences not affected by one’s self-image of failing. 

People skills

This service focus on the following:

  • Empathy, which is vital to the influence of others.

  • Influence which is the ability to have a positive impact on others and to persuade or gain support from.