Located in Canada, Alberta,
MODA Developments is an organization that focuses on coaching and developing performance related skills that focuses on emotional intelligence, communication skills, and behavioural therapy. These include practices such as self-awareness, self-management, self-regulation, empathy, optimism, outlook, communication skills, people skills, mindfulness, and organizational training. 

Our structure and thought is to provide information and practices that are short, concise, and effective. 

Here are some of the training we provide:

Emotional Intelligence

Self-awareness, which is the ability to recognize one's feelings,

how it impacts you, and most importantly, others around you.

Practicing the skill of optimism and realism which develops more resilience,

stay socially connected, and more likely to function at optimal levels.

Learning about the Growth Mindset: Looks at challenges as learning

experiences not affected by one’s self-image of failing. 

Management Skills

Having clear values and goals, and wording them in a way

to keep the sustainability of employees.

The importance of strategizing and structuring meetings: to reinforce culture and reinvigorate performance. 

Strategies for giving effective feedback: Regularly check-ins, specific rather than general, timely rather than delayed, and focus on behavior, not on the individual.

Communication Skills

Strategies on reframing certain questions and language that

reframe's an individual's response, behavior, or way of thinking.

Learning the art of selling: to gain buy-in for your ideas and opinions.

People Skills

Empathy, which is vital to the influence of others.

Influence which is the ability to have a positive impact on

others and to

persuade or gain support from.

Moda Developments

#1603, 530 12 ave SW
Calgary, AB, Canada

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