The selection provided below are custom made and tailored

to an individual or organization. 

MODA focuses on the two services provides below: 

The Individual 
Coaching and mentoring in personal development in Emotional skills with self and others(self-awareness, self-control, empathy, optimism, and outlook); Communication skills and relational skills with others in learning to use the right words and phrasing (Influence, Asking right questions, Negotiating, Resolving conflicts calmly, and much more).

The Organization (The mirror of The Individual)
The Organization is focused more in a business or organizational climate. Coaching and Mentoring in EI Competencies (Self-awareness, self-management, empathy, optimism, and outlook)
Communicating positions effectively in a work environment and building relationships with co-workers)
Demonstrating competence, establishing credibility, Persuasive diction and language, Asking the right questions, resolving tension in a candid manner, and feedback).



The Individual section focuses on educating emotional intelligence and communication skills for personal development and growth. 


The Organization section focuses on training performance management, emotional intelligence, and communication skills within a business or company.


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