Emotional Intelligence


Self-Awareness: Learning how to become mindful of others, and building awareness of one's thoughts and feelings. 

What's the benefit of learning this skill?

A key fundamental skill in EI is learning how to develop self-awareness enables us the ability to control and manage our choices and thoughts rather than to go on autopilot. The ability to monitor thoughts as in recognize a feeling as it happens will bring more control in one's actions, whereas the inability to notice our true feelings can leave us at their mercy: making reckless and rash choices when emotions are compromised.



Self-Control: Learning how to handle feelings and thoughts in a healthy and appropriate manner.

What's the benefit of learning this skill?


Learning how to soothe oneself in stressful moments and transform situations in a calm and controlled manner can appeal positively to others. 

Finding effective ways (in which we offer) to handle stress, anger, worries, and anxiety can not only benefit from you making lasting and effective relationships with others, but to an extent can make you become happy in the long-run.




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