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The Individual

This course focuses on coaching and mentoring on some of the following:

Emotional Intelligence

Self-Awareness: Learning how to become mindful of others, and building awareness of one's thoughts and feelings. 


What's the benefit of learning this skill?

A key fundamental skill in EI,
learning how to develop self-awareness enables us the ability to control and manage our choices and thoughts rather than to go on autopilot. 
The ability to monitor thoughts as in recognize a feeling as it happens will bring more control in one's actions, whereas the inability to notice our true feelings can leave us at their mercy: making reckless and rash choices when emotions are compromised.

Self-Control: Learning how to handle feelings and thoughts in a healthy and appropriate manner.

What's the benefit of learning this skill?

Learning how to soothe oneself in stressful moments and transform situations in a calm and controlled manner can appeal positively to others. 
Finding effective ways (in which we offer) to handle stress, anger, worries, and anxiety can not only benefit from you making lasting and effective relationships with others, but to an extent can make you become happy in the long-run.


Contact MODA for more info*

Contact MODA for more info*


Communication Skills:

Persuasive language: Learning how to win others into your way of thinking/viewpoint through persuasive diction.

What's the benefit of learning this skill?

Learning to sell yourself is a crucial and fundamental skill to have. For example, the place where your friends or family wants to go eat relies on your ability to influence and use words that sell the venue's food, vibe, safe distance (if some are drinking alcohol*), and experience. Or if you are asking for a raise at work and your ability to communicate your value to your boss or senior. Or parents have to persuade their children to obey or do best at school is determined heavily upon not just their use of words but their gesture, tone, body language, and timing as well (which we also cater towards*). 

Conflict management: Learning how to effectively deal with conflict using the right phrases, words, and mindset.

Like rotting meat, if not quickly thrown out and disposed properly it can fester and turn ugly. Just like our feelings, things unattended fester. Something that starts out as a minor issue can mushroom or explode into something you wish you haven't said or done (which we all have done before to someone). Approaching people with a calm and collected manner in diction and tone can de-arm any tense situations. Learning this skill can not only get more people to like and be attracted to your energy, but can also build more lasting and close relationships with others. Raising above conflict, fights, and arguments is what makes relationships stronger.

Negotiating with yourself: Inspired from the Harvard Negotiation Project of Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen, this skill involves learning to negotiate, observe, and challenge your thoughts.

How we think relies strongly on language,
because we wouldn't be able to express our grades of emotions and feelings without words right? In this communicative skill is a bit different and unique, you're not arguing with another but with yourself. Our feelings are based on our perceptions of ourselves, and we can challenge and analysis in how we feel, we don't have to accept them right then and right there. In other words, one can't just accept that his or her feelings are natural and normal. This skill focuses on altering the way you think which can alter the way you deal with people and situations. 

Asking the right questions: Learning certain phrases and wording for asking the right questions to get information or answers from others.

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Responding to insults: Learning how to respond to insults, gossip, and insensitivity in a calm and composed manner. 

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