Performance Management

Environmental Structuring:
De-cluttering and organizing workspace in order to focus on high-concentration tasks.  


What's the benefit of learning this skill?

Everyday we are bombarded with texts, emails, notifications, and social mediums that not only interrupt, but take away our energy unnoticed as we feel somewhat tired or drained through the day. That's why it's vital to set up and organize your surroundings, so you can reduce interruptions and focus on high-concentration tasks.

Delegation of Tasks:
Developing the skill to handle relationships more artfully from self-management.

What is the Benefit of learning this skill?

Many executives see multitasking as a necessity with all the demands they have to juggle. However, multi-tasking can actually undermine productivity: a temporarily shift in attention from one task to another--handling a task at hand then picking up one's phone or answering emails increases the task to be finished by two folds. In other words, distractions are costly. It's better to focus on one task deeply, uninterrupted and when finished go onto the next. 

Conflict management:
Learning how to effectively deal with conflict using the right phrases, words, and mindset.

Like rotting meat, if not quickly thrown out and disposed properly it can fester and turn ugly. Just like our feelings, things unattended fester. Something that starts out as a minor issue can mushroom or explode into something you wish you haven't said or done (which we all have done before to someone).

Approaching people with a calm and collected manner in diction and tone can de-arm any tense situations. Learning this skill can not only get more people to like and be attracted to your energy, but can also build more lasting and close relationships with others. Raising above conflict, fights, and arguments is what makes relationships stronger.

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